Our Nets

Prevent Crop Loss Due to Birds

Bird netting protects valuable fruit crops from birds, bats and flying foxes. Bird netting can also be used for ponds with Polyfab’s mesh netting for birds. It improves the quality and quantity of fruit yields. Its 12x12mm hex hole size keeps out the smallest of birds.

Our bird netting is re-usable for 10 years plus if stored correctly during the off-season, is easy and convenient to install and easy to retrieve at the end of a season.

This high quality 35gsm (grams per square metre) knitted monofilament mesh netting for birds is highly UV stabilised and although it is light weight it is extremely strong. It also features a reinforced selvedge. Polyfab’s mesh netting for birds is not suitable for attachment to permanent structures.

Backyard fruit growers have not been forgotten. Netting may be purchased by the metre in any of the widths shown below for either trees or vines, in precut lengths (eg: 10m x 10m ) or in single rolls of 100 or 150m.

Standard Roll Widths | 5m, 10m, 13m, 15m and 16.25m, up to 20m.

Permanent Structures

Heavy duty black 66gsm permanent net is also now a part of our defense against bird attack. We are now able to provide a service to erect complete permanent orchard covers.